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We are creating a "external project service" abstraction in the TELS/PAS/SAIL Portal. So through the portal:

  • Students can run activities in the DIY.
  • Teachers can view reports in the DIY
  • Teachers can modify the activities per student or class through the DIY


  • By Mid Nov. 2008 have a demo of creating a project run, running a project, and seeing a reporting of student work on the project.

Portal Integration Status


There are 2 types of activities being developed for LOOPS. Ones for the Incremental Study, and the Quantum activities for the Quantum Study. Both of these activity types will run the Wise 3/ SAIL portal.

The DIY is a micro portal hosted at CC.
In DIY terms an activity is a mostly independent curriculum unit. This is analogous to a "Project" in the Wise 3/ SAIL Portal.
The DIY:

  • runs otml activities.
  • runs reports of those activities.
  • runs interactive reports that lets the teacher modify the activities.

The DIY Project Service will let the portal launch these three functions for DIY Activity that corresponds to a project in the portal.

Portal Integration Meetings


Portal Grading Tool Integration

The Incremental Study will be a Pas Project, combined with otml reports. The existing grading tool of the portal needs to work with this Pas Project.

  1. If the Pas Project is hosted in the DIY Project service, the otml reports will work. However then the portal's grading tool will not work. # If the Pas Project is hosted in the native portal project service, then the grading tool will work. But the otml reports will not work.

Because we plan to use the DIY Project Service for the Quatum activities, we'd like to address the issues with number 1. One approach is to abstract the grading tool so it can work with external Project Services.

Project Service Needs

  • provides run link for each project
  • provides reporting links for each project
  • provides a list of available projects
  • provides meta data about projects
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