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Suggested Agenda

Plan for upcoming videoconference meeting with prospective CA LOOPS year 1 teachers -  (agenda, materials, demos, etc)
Environment for Force and Motion activities  (MW ?)
Status on procuring Video analysis application  (similar to what Dima created) and Find a force probe (per Paul H email)
What will we have for teachers at retreat in Aug ? ( it's only a month away) Discuss plans for LOOPS day at Berkeley retreat  Aug 4-7
What are we doing re PHET activities?
Laptops for Berkeley to use in CA schools - we could purchase them soon if needed for CC burn rate
Can we get an Outside Curriculum developer Bill Reitz?
Plans / Schedule for infrastructure - teacher dashboard / logging and inquiry index/ student progress tool et al
Paul's force and motion Curriculum outline  -  (hard to discuss without Paul at meeting)

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