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This is a continuation of my notes--they got too long for my screen.

Discussion of instructional strategies. How do we scaffold interactions between and among teachers and students. The use of IM can be important. The teacher needs to be in control.
Jim: We need to give them a set of tools that they can use. Examples: start with a class demo that is then passed off to kids.
Marcia: We want to support students doing their own projects. Generic reporting scheme. Seed projects with ideas that kids can select (and a suggestion will go away when 'taken'). Teacher can supply the criteria for a good project, or note, or .... Teachers can develop the rubric this with students.
Stephen: Engage kids in evaluating their peer's work.
Marcia: Teacher needs to reflect on how time is used in a class.
Bob: We need a live lesson planner that can record what happened.
Jim: Yes.
Stephen: Include assessment in the lesson planner so that evidence is provided.
Marcia: We need to be able to plan an entire year. Provide tools for non-project materials to be brought into the plan. Provides a way to slip more TELS materials into the curriculum.
Jim: Make adoption easier. Come up with things that have low impact on teachers.
Paul: Won't have 30 days back to back.
Bob: Need to have a physical site where teachers can be in control.
Kathy: Will the curriculum vary across teachers? Yes, they can customize materials.
Marcia: Might there be some classes that had one computer, particularly post computer lab work. We might want to support that.
Jim: Supporting classrooms with ~10 computers would change the environment. WISE has not supported group process. Need to force switching the kid doing the 'driving'.
Marcia: Tried many ways to force student cycling that hasn't worked. Groups of two works much better.
Stephen: Keep to pairs of kids and arrange more off-computer activities.
Jim: Important to interview teachers soon.
Marcia: MODELS teachers throw out stuff that is 'inefficient'. We need to help them understand the role of supporting steps. Help them plan. Also generate a time log of each class's activities. Help teachers reflect on how the activities fit other standards.

Bob: Do we want to be able to start at the beginning of the semester?
Marcia: Technology milestones.
Scott: Technical issues: Real-time persistence is a big problem. Peer-peer communication can be easily built on real-time persistence. Authoring of reporting--how do authors decide the data needed to see whether kids have understood. A reporting view for authors could help with this.
Stephen: What are the key affordances of flow control?
Scott: Teacher dashboard. Where does this fit in? Is it part of the PAS portal.
Stephen: Work with Jim on the dashboard.
Jim: Need a workshop to define a new generalization of the interface.
Stephen: Mock up with a mash-up.

Bob: Sketch out two weeks of activities with teacher tools.
Marcia: Thermo unit--because the content doesn't matter. #29965 #26443
Bob: We will pull the content apart anyway.
Jim: Pair up and share once a week. Use GoogleDocs. Google is creating a megaWiki.

Jim: Communication. Berkeley has a TELS development plan on Confluence. Need TELS and LOOPS work to be coordinated.
Marcia: Can we make the CC tech development plan more transparent? CCs is in Jira. Berkeley's is in Confluence. Can CC help achieve the goals on the TELS goals?
Paul: WISE researchers need to be able to collect data.
Marcia: There is a perception that CC is charging ahead and marginalizing what others are doing. We need to negotiate the next steps. We don't want surprises.

Marcia: Make this work by: High level tech meetings 5-6 weeks. Hiroki will represent the Berkeley development team.
Stephen: It is important to collaborate. Will try to be more transparent. Innovation can be destabilizing.

Charles demo-ed MW. Talked about ways of getting data in and out of MW. The model builder should specify salient variables that content authors might use.
Marcia: Wouldn't it be great if model authors could make a meta-model that could be made simple, medium, and advanced by having a content author hide/show some controls?

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