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First time only

Creating a new project

  • Run an SVN Update on your local files
  • run
  • Create your project
    • Open the template project
    • Save as.. the activity into the folder which holds all of your subversion files
  • Right-click on the activity in the folder and do a Subversion Add
  • Right-click on the subversion folder and do a Subversion Check-in
  • Write a quick note about what changes you made and click Commit
  • Set up the project in the DIY and Portal
    1. In the DIY
      1. Go to the LOOPS DIY
      2. Log in, then go to "Activities" on the left.
      3. At the top of the page, click "Create a new Activities"
      4. Give your Activity a name and a description
      5. In the URL space, put the URL to your newly checked-in activity. In the case of these instructions, that will be something like:
      6. Make sure "Always get the otml update from external url" is checked.
      7. Leave the rest of the form in its default state.
      8. Click "Create".
    2. In the portal
      1. Go to the Concord Slice and log in as a Teacher (or create a new Teacher account and log in)
      2. Instructions To Be Continued...

Updating an existing project

Useful links

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