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This is the home of official documentation for the Global Lab Web Site and Web Application.

Source Code

The source code for the Global Lab web site is in a subversion repository, available at:

Bug and Feature Tracking

Bug and Feature Tracking for Global Lab is done using the Jira system at Concord.

Code Documentation

The code is written in PHP and JavaScript. View all GL Code Documentation


The best way to develop code for Global Lab is to set up your own GL local development site.


The public server is located at:

The dev server is located at:

The typical development lifecycle is for a developer to make changes on their local site, then update those changes on the development site and get comments/feedback/approval and ensure that all aspects of the site continue to work. After the site has been thoroughly tested, the code on the public site can be tagged and updated.


The Database is a MySQL database. You can obtain access to or manipulate the data by logging into to the Concord PHPMyAdmin site at:

The best practice for keeping the database up to date is to keep a log of which SQL commands you're executing on your local environment, then replay those commands on the DEV server and PUBLIC server.

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