This page last changed on Apr 29, 2007 by scytacki.

These are the steps to update the jars and otml files on the following page:

  1. Go to
  2. make sure the projects (jars) you've updated have been built successfully
    • the projects are built once an hour, so if you've checked in your changes a while ago they should be built.
  3. you need to build the MavenJnlp project which updates this site:
  4. then finally you have to build the OTrunkExamples project which updates this page:


You might not need to do all of these steps each time. If you only changed the jar files, you just have to do the first 3 steps. If you only changed the otml file then you only have to do the last step.

There is currently a delay from when you check in a change to CVS before it is available to continuum. This delay is between 1 and 5 mins. Sometimes it can be longer. Each build in continuum tells you the files that have changed, so you can see if your changes have been picked up by continuum.

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