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Find the jnlp resource of the diy you want to update.

Go to
Find the diy url in the first column of the table.
Find the SDS URL and SDS JNLP in the last column of the table
Combine them like this:
If you go to that address you'll see a web page for the jnlp resource for the diy.

Here is an example url:
That is the jnlp resource for the ccdiy

Figure out the new url for the jnlp

On the jnlp resource web page is a Url: for the actual jnlp file.
From the example above this url is:

To see other available versions of that jnlp look at the directory that jnlp file is in.
So from the example above look at:

All jnlp that end with a timestamps do not change. For example:

These are in effect frozen. jnlps that don't end in a timestamp will get updated each time the jnlp project is build on continuum. For example:

Update the jnlp resource

Back on the jnlp resource page of the sds, click the edit link.
Change the url field in form an click save.

Updating just a few jars in a jnlp

The only way to do this right now is to make a custom jnlp. Here is how it is done:
cd /var/tomcat/jnlp_tomcat/webapps/dev/org/concord/maven-jnlp/capa-otrunk
cp capa-otrunk-0.1.0-20080215.201427.jnlp capa-otrunk-0.1.0-20080215.201427-custom.jnlp

edit capa-otrunk-0.1.0-20080215.201427-custom.jnlp so it has a reference to the version of the jars needed.
update the sds jnlp like you do to freeze the jar so it points to the -custom.jnlp url.

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