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More details can be found in the osx setup steps: Setup OSX Development Environment

  • install Java JDK
  • install Eclipse
  • install subclipse plugin for eclipse


You'll need cygwin if you are going to do native code development with CCs stuff. We currently do not support visual studio.
If you are doing a lot C or C++ coding you probably also want to install the cdk plugin for eclipse.

  • install cygwin from
  • you need to make sure you have the appropriate development packages installed to compile code:

Using Swig

  • you can install the swig package with Cygwin
  • then to use our make files, you'll need to make symbolic links for /usr/java so it can find the current java files.
    ln -s /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Java/jdk1.5.0_12 /usr/java
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