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This work is experimental.

In the otrunk project is a folder called schema. In there is an Eclipse launch configuration called RNGSchemaGenerator.launch.

Running RNGSchemaGenerator will produce this Relax NG schema for the existing OTrunk objects: otrunk_all.rng.

I've done a bit of testing and it appears that this schema can be used with an otml document and an XML editor like Oxygen.

I'm using Oxygen 9.2 on MacOS X and I needed to increase Oxygen's heap space to load the schema.

In the Terminal:

open /Applications/oxygen/

and increase the heap and memory sizes Java will use when running Oxygen:

Here's an example of using the otrunk_all.rng schema while editing an existing otml file: motion-graph-multi-activity1.otml

First make sure you are associating the schema with OTML files in Preferences:Document Types:

Now when you open an otml file it will be associated with the otrunk_all.rng schema.

Oxygen will display appropriate completions after you type an opening "<".

Oxygen will display completions for attributes after typing a space character:

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