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The data model for OTrunk is based on OTObjects. OTObjects have properties. These properties can be of the following types:

  • OTObject
  • String
  • int
  • float
  • double
  • boolean
  • long
  • OTObjectList
  • OTResourceList
  • OTObjectMap
  • OTResourceMap
  • byte array
  • URL

A few of these types of properties have some quirks.

String Properties

When a string property is defined as an xml element in an otml file it is trimmed when it is loaded.
When a string property is defined as an attribute in an otml file it is not trimmed when it is loaded.

byte array or URL Properties

When the OTClass (usually a java interface is used to define an OTClass), has an byte array property. In the otml a URL is used. The url can be relative to the otml or absolute. It can be http, file, jres, or gzb64. The jres and gzb64 protocols are custom protcols. jres allows you to put the resource on the classpath and the jres url allows you to access it from the otml file. the gzb64 protocol is followed by a string which is a base64 encoding of a gzipped resource.

When the OTClass defines a URL property then only http, file, and jres protocols are supported. If a gzb64 URL is used in the otml then null will be returned.

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