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  • TELS
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  • Need to integrate reporting using pods and rims with reporting using otrunk objects.
    • instead of trying to figure out how to fit otrunk into rims, it would be easier to
      figure out an abstraction that works for both and code the reporting system to that abstraction.
  • model step updates
    • logging need to add logging to existing model steps, in a OTrunk model, this means converting existing model steps into OTrunk. And then adding logging. The dribble log would be easy with a properly converted OTrunk object. The more concise report is harder. It would be best done with script to start like edward did in airbags and chemical reactions. A more advanced approach would be to use a rule language like xslt to declare paterns to match in the dribble log and then run a script when that pattern matches. In the case of the concise report the script is just to generate more xml so it would be perfect for xslt.

How to make xslt doable by authors.

Next steps for OTrunk usage for TELS model authoring tool:

  • Choose an existing tels model step make it configured by otrunk
    • I don't want to choose the steps Edward just converted to pedagogica becuase it is duplicate work.
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