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Applets - these are some applets based on older jars

OTrunk and SAIL examples:

The following OTrunk examples all use the Sail Data Service (SDS) to manage the learner data persistence.

  • OTrunk All Test
    This example shows many of the Concord components in a simple OTrunk container (saving data back to the SDS is disabled).

The next two OTrunk-SAIL examples are hard-coded to useexamples. the
otml generated by two activities Carolyn Staudt created on the TEEMSS2 DIY site. In the examples below persistence of learner data is enabled. If you run one of them more than once changes you made previously will be restored and visible. This new SAIL-based learner data persistence is being added to the development TEEMSS2 DIY site. When reliable the new functionality will be migrated to the public TEEMS DIY site.

Understanding how the OTrunk and SAIL examples are started:

Here's the actual url used to start the OTrunk All Test example:

There are three parts to that url:


    This request is being made to SDS Portal realm 2: OTrunk Testing.

  2. /offering/144/jnlp/540/view

    Tells the SDS to return the jnlp for Offering 144 and one of the Workgroups associated with that Offering (Workgroup 540) and to disable saving of data back to the SDS. You can use this url to see the Offering in the SDS:

  3. ?sailotrunk.otmlurl=

    These are extra parameters passed to the SDS when requesting a jnlp and are made available as properties in the jnlp webstart application. These extra parameters are required to run this OTrunk example correctly however they are optional when requesting the SDS to generate a jnlp. The SDS includes these attributes as properties in the config fle it generates as part of the SAIL application startup process.
    In this case there are two extra parameters:


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