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A page to document the format for, and how to create your own drawing tool otml.

You can run a drawing tool with stamps example here:

Then go to the file menu and select "Save As..."
Open the saved file in a text editor and look for this part:

       <OTDrawingTool2 name="Stamp Drawing" backgroundImage="">
            <OTDrawingStamp src="" description="canister" />
            <OTDrawingStamp src="" description="mix" />
            <OTDrawingStamp src="" description="plus" />

You can put in references to your images, save the file, and go back to the File menu and select "Reload Window".
Now you should see your changes.

You can use URLs relative to the location of the saved otml file, so you do not need to post the images online to test this out.
It should work with pngs, gifs, and jpeg images.

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