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This is core object used by SesnsorPortfolio. It is the way to represent a Document. It does this with a subset of xhtml. It also acts as a folder which contains other objects. These childrent objects are shown in the tree view on the left of the OTViewer application. So it has 2 parts, the document content, and the list of sub objects.

Here is the list of xhtml elements which are passed though the teemss authoring system. This is not a complete list of the elements supported by the OTCompoundDoc component.

This is taken from process/common_all.xslt file 

In addition to xhtml it has an extension for the "a" and "object" elements. These extensions make it possible
to embed other objects inside the document ("object" element), or link to other objects ("a" element).

  <name>Trial 2</name>
This is an embedded object
<object refid="${query_id_555_invid_17}"/><br/>

This is an embedded object that can't be edited
<object refid="${query_id_555_invid_17}" editable="false"/><br/>

This is a link to the object:
<a href="${query_id_555_invid_17}">link text</a>


Links to objects either in "a" elements or in "object" elements. Can either use the objects local_id or id (global id) attribute.
If the reference is to the local id the notation should be:


If the reference is to a global id the notation should be:

If you want to embedd or link to an object that doesn't exist anywhere else, and you don't want to make it visible in the folder tree. Then use the element:


You can define new objects inside of this one, that won't be seen.

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