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The current set of otml file used by teemss is missing a lot of semantic information.

For example the Unit, Investigation, Section structure is not there. Instead that is stored as a tree of

That information should be stored in the otml file used by the SensorPortfolio. This way the report tool could be better. Also there could be conversion to labbook at the client instead of only at the server.

One difficulty with this is making sure the style in which the semantic information can be easily changed. Currently this style is stored in xslt files. It isn't super easy to change but at least it doesn't require chaning java code and regenerating jar files.

The rendering from the semantic info to the actual display, the style, should be stored in the otml file as well. Or in an external shared file. Some thoughts on this are described on the Object Template page. However that page was thinking more along the lines of a one to one releationship between objects and their templates. But this case one piece of semantic information could be displayed in multiple places. So that one to one doesn't work out. However the templating or object copying is a requirement for doing this style work. The style could be defined in a template object. Then this could be copied or templated and the result would have the particular objects bound to it.

But you shouldn't have to explicitly bind objects to an instance or copy of style to generate a view. This should be dynamic in someway. So new sematic objects automatically result in new views.

Two cases of styled views are the navigation/folder view that is on the left of the SensorPortfolio and the document view on the right.

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