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Look at the bottom of the page for the folder on the website. For example:

It has some text:

The jnlp urls were constructed using the following template:
You can change this string by putting it in a file named: jnlp_url.tmpl in this directory 

If you go to the first part of the url:

Then you can see which jnlp is being used for that folder. You do this by clicking on the link after the "Jnlp:" at the top of the page.

If you want to change the jnlp being used:

  • go back to the offering page:
  • click the edit link
  • select a different jnlp. If there isn't a jnlp for what you want then you need to make one.

    By default all the folders in otrunk-examples use the same offering so if you change the jnlp for that common offering it will change it for every folder in otrunk-examples. See below for information about
    creating a new offering and making the folder in otrunk-examples use that new offering.

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