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There is a global build space on otto for building and deploying Phet simulations. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to otto
    ssh -A
  2. Update otto's thirdparty-jars checkout
    cd /home/buildspace/Phet/thirdparty-jars
    sudo svn up
  3. Go to the phet checkout
    cd ../phet-simulations-java
  4. Update it and build it
    sudo svn up
    sudo ./ build-jar cck
  5. Copy the created jar to thirdparty-jars, and check it in
    sudo cp simulations/cck/deploy/cck.jar ../thirdparty-jars/phet-cck.jar
    cd ../thirdpart-jars
    sudo svn ci
  6. Deploy it to maven
    cd maven2
    ./ phet-cck
  7. Rebuild the jnlp in Continuum.
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