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Tip: Tracing and debugging applications in Java Web Start and Java Applets

The OTrunk library includes a JApplet extension called: OTAppletViewer (trac)

A few examples can be seen here: (trac), scroll down to the All Files section to find the links to the html files that embed OTrunk applets.

The multi-applet-test.html page shows how two or more applets can be embedded on the page and share the same OTrunk state.

In most of the examples above the applet uses 3 jars:

  • otrunk-datagraph.jar - this is a combination of several java projects into one jar. It was built with eclipses jar export feature.
  • jdom-1.0.jar - this is a 3rd party jar needed by OTrunk
  • jug-1.1.2.jar - so is this

The jars referenced by the examples were last updated July 2007 and are accessed in the output directory relative to the codebase for the html files.

You can find newer versions of these jars in these directories.

An alternative to bundling the jars together is to reference each jar from our jnlp server:
Here is an example of that: nlpserver-applet-test.html.

Another interesting example is the UDL prototyping work Sam Fentress did on this page This example uses older jars and is not maintained on our continnuum server. What is different is the more extensive examples of controlling OTrunk objects from Javascript. Click through to the second page and explore.

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