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Report Types are a way of identifying a report so external portals run the reports appropriate to it.

A Report Type has the following properties:

  • URI - globally unique identifier of the report type. examples:,
  • short name
    • for example: diy-student or tels-grade-by-step
    • should be unique within a DIY
    • is used in UI for selecting the report type
  • activity relationship: can there be 1 or many report type instances for one activity
    • this would allow you to specify that an activity can only have 1 report of this type, or that an activity can have multiple reports of this type.

Currently used report type URI's

(Note that most of these aren't valid uri's, but at least they are consistent)

URI Description A standard class report A teacher dashboard intended to be used with intrasession-enabled activities A CSV or XML exporting report intended to be used with the portal-wide reporting application A report which would be run by a student to get a summary of their own work
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