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This is a placeholder page.

Eventually this page will describe the process for:

  1. deploying a new DIY instance
  2. updating any existing DIY instance
  3. further DIY instance management

Deploying a new instance of the DIY

In a nutshell:

  1. Set up the SDS portal, jnlp and curnit
  2. cap deploy:setup
    • answer all of the questions
  3. cap deploy:cold
  4. cap deploy:restart
    • for good measure, it's probably not necessary
  5. ssh to seymour
  6. /etc/init.d/httpd configtest
  7. /etc/init.d/httpd graceful

You should be all set at that point.

If you'd like to allow the DIY to authenticate against the members db, you'll need to copy the sunflower db configuration from an already existing configuration into the new configuration's database.yml in /web/staging or production/instance/shared/config and then do a cap deploy:restart.

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