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  • test project is checked in here:
  • there does not seem to be a way to move or delete things in the GUI editor so you need to open the xml file and manipulate it to do those types of things.
  • bitrock doesn't have a standard way to get the application data folders for windows and mac
    • instead it can be done by setting a common variable with multiple times, and each one has a rule so that it only runs on a particular platform.
    • there currently isn't a way to check if the platform is XP. So instead the code checks if it is not vista and not 9x but it is windows. That should cover nt, 2000, xp,
  • if a variable is undefined in an install path bitrock will replace it with
    ***unknown variable <var name>***
    . So if you can't find the thing you just installed look for *** folder or file names.
  • the vendor variable does not seem to be defined like the docs say instead it can be accessed via product.vendor
  • When constructing the location of the COMMON_APPDATA folder it must be prepended with ${env(SYSTEMDRIVE)} inorder to put the files in the windows system drive typically this is C: but it could be elsewhere.


  • it has actions for finding the java executable, but it doesn't find the java.home just the executable.
  • if there are multiple it only finds one of them
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