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Items in red are bugs and were entered into jira


  • text is centered on left hand side
  • text is not selectable
  • text is not editable


  • mouse and keyboard functionality
  • multiple items not selectable via ctrl or shift


  • text is selectable
  • text is editable
  • tab and return work
  • non alphanumeric characters work


  • items can be added and removed
  • multiple items not selected via shift or ctrl
  • duplicate names cannot be created
  • scroll bar appears when items fill screen

snapshot_album_example []

  •  picture links broken, unable to test

otobject_chooser []

  • linked files (should) work

 basic_drawing []

  • tooltips work
  • each of the objects can be created and moved
  • vector objects can have different colors
  • text background can be changed


  • graphs and drawing areas work
  • text is displayed directly


  • label text in not selectable
  • edit text is editable and accepts non alphanumeric characters
  • Edit text does not accept formating like tab and return, might be intended.


  • all choices can be selected
  • 2+3 give feedback
  • 1 and three have the mirrored buttons


  • card layout displays the object of the button pressed 
  •  placement layout has the objects staggered
  • border has them in a frame up top
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