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Format List

GraphML - format for describing graphs (trees)
SVG - Format for vector graphics
FO - formatting objects, used for creating pdfs or rtfs
RNG - schema language
XSD - standard schema language

Child Pages


XML2SVG Transform Possibilities

Object Relational XML Tools

  • ERW this is a content management framework. It is similar to Paul's Mystri, but takes it one step further. It allows a user to define the database structure in xml and then it generates forms and tables automatically from the xml description.
  • xmldbms - this takes a mapping file that describes the mapping of the database to xml. The mapping file is itself xml. This file specifies tables in the database and elements in the xml structure.
  • torque - apache project generates sql ddl from xml and vice versa. It also generates java classes to access the database.
  • xml to ddl and the project page with the downloads: project page - one new feature of this is to export the schema of a database as xml. This also provides a way to generate schemas for different databases from this xml format. probably torque is a better project.

XML Pipeline servers

These are servers or systems that load xml from the file system or a database and pipe it though a set of transformations to make the result page.

  • Cocoon - java based version from apache. It is one we have played looked at the most so far. it runs in tomcat. I suppose it runs in other servlet containers too.
  • AxKit - perl based it might have some c too. it is also apache.
  • Popoon - This is the backend for the Bitflux cms.
  • Orbeon - LGPL works well with struts. Has explict commerical support. It isn't clear how good the community is.

XML Databases

XML Editors

Review of XML Editors and features:

Browser based xml editors

I have found two browser based xml editors. They are pretty cool. One is a comercial one for ie the other is an open source one for mozilla.

Full Applications

ETNA - gui xml editor - project page, description from a talk which has more info than the project page: This looks projects looks promising too it is LGPL, GPL, and MPL. It uses XUL and gecko from mozilla as the base. Although it appears to not have been worked on for about a year. But because it is based on gecko and mozilla it should be fast and its css is basically the defacto standard. However it isn't clear if the css can be extended to support inserting our own components. Also it isn't clear if the dom it uses can come from an external source (ie. Java), I would think it could since the standard gecko component can handle this.

VEX - gui xml editor - This looks the most promising for use in CC projects. It is LGPL. It is an eclipse plugin. It also appears to have a Swing version. Just like XMLMind it uses CSS to define how the elements look in the wysiwyg editor. And it uses DTDs to control which elements can be added. It does not have a wysiwyg table editor yet, and it only supports DTDs. Some of the vex developers have an interest in flying saucer which is a swing based CSS renderer. It seems the CSS of flyingsaucer is more complete than that in vex. Currently flyingsaucer only works with XHTML but the devs say it could work for other XML with a style sheet. However flying saucer doesn't do editing.

XMLMind - gui xml editor -
This is a proprietary application. The standard version can be downloaded and used freely. We have 2 licenses for the Pro version which allows us to extend the xml editor and integrate it with other processing applications. Source code is supplied for the Pro version. The Pro license does not allow us to distribute XML editing functionality with other applications we create. Stephen

Syntext Serna -

xmloperator: a xml editor that supports relaxng schemas.

jaxe: java semi wysiwyg editor GPL license

Conglomerate is an open source graphical XML editor built on top of the Gnome 2 and it's development libraries. This is a good example of a useful UI for a generic content xml editor. CC probably can't use this one much because it only works well in Gnome (mostly linux only).

XHTML and or HTML editors - GPL based on HTMLEditorKit

XSLT Tools

The oxygen xml editor has a very useful xslt debugger.

Java XML Data Binding

Java XML data binding is a another way to access the data in a XML document. SAX and DOM are the more common ways. In data binding a set of java classes is created from a description of the XML document (dtd or schema) then these classes can be used to access and create XML documents that conform to these schemas. There is a nice series of articles on this at IBM's developerWorks: articles

  • Scotts Review of Java Data Binding


  • XMLBeans - apache project for doing this data binding. Scott has used it.
  • Enhydra Zeus - written by the author of those articles at developerWorks
  • Suns JAXB - suns documentation on this
  • Apache JAXB - apache implementation of JAXB

Schema Converters

Not sure where to add this yet, but I just wanted to save the reference

The W3C CSS page has links to lots of good tools for using XML with CSS to do things like printing via XSLFO.  The CSSToXSLFO looks promising (Java, Open Source)

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