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XMAJ is an XML Application Language (or Rich Internet Application Language) that can be used to create web content or standalone apps rendered by the XMAJ browser (Warrior).

XAMJ is an XML UI and text markup language tightly integraded with Java. XAMJ applications/pages may be deployed over HTTP (like HTML or Java Webstart) or locally on a user's PC. We have an open-source browser/platform for the deployment of XAMJ content, named Warrior (download), itself written in XAMJ.

XAMJ allows embedding Java code in several types of scriptlets, much like JSP, except on the client side (with security restrictions.) That is, a XAMJ document is translated into a Java class, called a clientlet. We believe this solution is considerably superior to using a scripting language such as Javascript.

It may be possible to integrate the XMAJ browser with OTrunk, and it contains many of the same features: Ability to edit Java code on the fly within the browser, ability to create stand-alone thin client applications, and saving and loading data on a host computer.

Downloading the browser

The browser's homepage is here. You can also download the browser directly using WebStart from (On a Mac, the installer will produce a number of JAR folders – to run the browser, click on warrior.jar).

Project source code

The SourceForge project may be imported into Eclipse as follows:

  • Add a new CVS Repository.
    Repository path: /cvsroot/xamj
    User: anonymous
  • Import all the projects under XAMJ_Project (see Problems below).
  • Run XAMJ_Reference_Engine, with net.sourceforge.xamj.browser.EntrySplash as the Main class.
Reference problems

When you import the project, there may be a large number of reference problems:

  • Missing libraries.
    • The projects are looking for the .jar files in the wrong place. Most of them can be found in the XAMJ_Build project. One or two others might be found in the folder that is created when the browser is installed (above). Two libraries needed in IzPack_ResitryPanel I couldn't find, but this project isn't needed when building the main project.
  • Missing w3c_dom project.
    • I created a new project called w3c_dom and dragged the package org.w3c.dom.html2 from the project HTML_Renderer into it. This appears to have worked, but it may not be correct.
  • Missing 'samples' folder in the cssparser project.
    • I just created an empty folder called 'samples'. I don't believe it ever needs them.
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