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These instructions are in case students cannot write to the webstart cache. Recently this has given us the message:

An error occurred while launching/running the application.
Category: System Configuration
The current user does not have write access to the cache.

There are 2 basic cases:

— All students use the same login account —

If all students uses the same account then you need to go in and enable write access to the folder above.
You'll need to be a system administrator. That folder might not exist yet, in which case you should create it. And give the user permission to write to it. After do this you can test it by opening the following link in a web browser.

— Each student has a separate login account —

If each student has a separate account then I would guess their home folder is actually on a server, or the home folder is dynamically created on the local computer when they log in.

One option in that case is to setup a computer or site wide configuration for webstart. This configuration can tell webstart where to put the cache. So then you can set to a folder that all users have write permission to.

Another option for tomorrow is to have all the students use the same account and make sure that account has the correct permissions.

Another option is to update the login scripts so the make sure the cache folder has the correct permissions.

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