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Here is a bug documenting the problem:

CC created an application for fixing this problem. It will ask for administrator priviledges when it is run:

This application only works for Java 1.5.0_06 and 1.5.0_07, so, if you have a different version of Java 1.5, or if the application above doesn't work, you can try pasting the following into the OSX Terminal application. The Terminal Application is located in the Applications/Utilities folder.

MacOS 10.4

For java 1.5.0_06 and 1.5.0_07 on OS X 10.4

cd /tmp; curl >; unzip; sudo zip -u "/Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/Java Cache" com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/; rm com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/; cd -

For Java 1.5.0_13 and 1.5.0_16 on OS X 10.4

cd /tmp ; curl > ; unzip ; sudo zip -u "/Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Web" com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; rm com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; cd -

MacOS 10.5

For Java 1.5.0_13 and 1.5.0_16 on OS X 10.5

cd /tmp ; curl > ; unzip ; sudo zip -u "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/lib/javaws.jar" com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; rm com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; cd -


A copy of the file that is missing from javaws.jar for Java 1.5 on MacOSX is attached to this page: com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/

The following script pops up a dialog asking the user for admin privileges. The webstart fix it runs is for 10.4 with java 1.5.0_13

osascript -e "Do shell script \"cd /tmp ; curl > ; unzip ; zip -u '/Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Web' com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; rm com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; cd -\" with administrator privileges"

The problem can be tested using these instructions:

The Fix Java Webstart application is an XCode project checked into CC's cvs repository under Projects/FixJavaWebstart.

I reported this bug to Apple. They gave me an bug id: 4696251. I don't believe this bug is public. The gist of apples response is that they cannot duplicate this bug in the current java seed.

Java 2 SE 6.0 Release 1 Developer Preview 4

A new MacOSX Java bug that applies to Java 1.5.0_16 on MacOS X 10.4 (not 10.5)

This one only applies to java 1.5.0_16. Some how a bug was introduced that stops webstart from running extensions:

cd /tmp ; curl > deploy-1.5.0_16-fix.jar ; unzip deploy-1.5.0_16-fix.jar ; sudo zip -u "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/lib/deploy.jar" com/sun/deploy/config/MacOSXConfig.class ; rm com/sun/deploy/config/MacOSXConfig.class deploy-1.5.0_16-fix.jar ; cd -

FixJavaWebStart.dmg (application/octet-stream)
FixJavaWebStart.dmg (application/x-diskcopy)
FixJavaWebStart.dmg (application/x-diskcopy) (application/zip)
deploy-1.5.0_16-fix.jar (application/octet-stream)

I tried to run the command-line version on Matt Fishbach's MacOS10.5 (running java 1.5.0_13) and it gave me permission error. user gloriasass has admin privileges.

tolman-110:~ gloriasass$ cd /tmp ; curl > ; unzip ; zip -u "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/lib/javaws.jar" com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; rm com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/ ; cd -
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 1209 100 1209 0 0 5951 0 -::- -::- -::- 0
inflating: com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/
zip I/O error: Permission denied

zip error: Could not create output file (/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/lib/javaws.jar)
tolman-110:~ gloriasass$ ls -lah /tmp/com/sun/javaws/jardiff/resources/total 0drwxrwxrwx 2 gloriasass wheel 68B Jan 22 17:45 .drwxr-xr-x 3 gloriasass wheel 102B Dec 5 13:04 ..

Posted by hiroki at Jan 22, 2008 20:48

Try changing the end of the last script from:

with administrator privileges


with root privileges
Posted by stepheneb at Jan 22, 2008 21:54

From Hiroki's, message above it seems he wasn't use the script that asks for authentication.
Hiroki, you need to sudo first I'll update the scripts above to have sudo in them.

Posted by scytacki at Jan 23, 2008 10:09
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