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Using Git with Eclipse example-Ardor3DV1

I was investigating a new open source Java 3D library called Ardor3DV1 that's hosted on a svn repo.

There is a problem building ardor3dv1 on the mac when you checkout the svn repo – details:
svn r42 not working on MacOS X

It's much easier to experiment with something like this if I make a local git clone of the svn repo. It allows me to easily make experimental branches and commit to those branches while still keeping a master branch synched to the svn repo.

I describe how I set that up here: Using Git to work with the Ardor3DV1 source. I make a local git clone of the svn repo; create a local branch for my macosx fixes; create a public empty git repo at github; push ardor3dv1 (including my macosx branch) there to my macosx fixes available.

Here's a description of how to work directly with a git clone of my fork I setup on a public git repo.

Add the eclipse git plugin update site: to Eclipse and install the egit plugin. I'm using the Tentative Build sub-update site – it has the latest builds.

You need to use git from the command line to initially clone the project:

git clone git://

Once you've done that (and added the egit plugin) you can add ardor3dv1 to a workspace or make a new one and import the projects in that folder (you don't need the project_sets project).

Then select all 9 of the new ardor3dv1 projects in Eclipse and open Team::Sharing and select Git as the repo type have it search for existing Git repos – you need to iterate through this dialog for each project. All 9 of the ardor3dv1 projects are now under one git repo.

The Project Explorer window should now look something like this:

Cannot resolve external resource into attachment.

Here are the available Team options if you select one of the ardor3dv1 projects managed through git:

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Select Branch and click "New Branch", select the remote branch origin/macosx, and name your new local branch macosx:

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Finish this operation by checking out the new local branch "macosx" into your working dir:

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All 9 projects managed by this one git repo should now be on the macosx branch:

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If you want to experiment create your own branch by following the last two steps again.

If you make changes in a file that git is tracking you will need to commit it locally before git will allow you to switch to another branch.

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