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Building a portable installer (Mac only)

Download the scripts

  1. If you are using Subversion, these can be found in our sail-dashboard project. Otherwise, you can download a small Disk Image of the project here. Copy the contents of the disk image to your computer.
    • This project contains the necessary scripts which will allow you to download the jars from the web, and then install the jars onto computers using Web Start.

Download the jars to a temporary Java cache

  1. Edit the file jnlp.txt, which can be found in the commands/ folder. This file should contain the URLs of the JNLPs you want to use.
    • The file jnlp.txt.sample contains the URLs of many of the commonly-used Concord JNLPs.
  2. Run the update_cached_resources_from_remote_server.command script by double-clicking on the file.
    • The jars for the specified JNLPs will now be downloaded.

Create the portable installer

  1. Run the commands/create_install_home script.
    • This will create the folder install-home with all the necessary jars and a java program, start.jar, which will launch the installer.
  2. Optionally change the text of the file install-home/resources/jnlp-installer.html to refer to the specific project you will be installing. E.g. instead of "Install CC Application" it might say "Install ITSI." You can also rename start.jar to install.jar, or anything else.
  3. Burn the contents of install-home to a CD or pen drive, or upload it to an accessible location.

Installing the application

  1. Double-click on the jar file (start.jar or install.jar if it was renamed). The launcher program should open.
  2. Click on the main link ("Install CC Application" or similar). The jar files should first be extracted, and then one or more jnlps should be installed via Java Web Start.
    • The Web Start windows will simply disappear when the program is installed – no confirmation dialog is provided.
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