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PaperCube - Data Visualization using SproutCore and SVG

Peter Bergstrom is exploring Visualization and Navigation of Data Repositories for his master's thesis at Santa Clara University's School of Engineering and has created a data visualization environment and application using the SproutCore framework, SVG, and Canvas.

Here is a video showing some of the features of PaperCube:

Peter responded to some questions with these responses:

You can try out the demo here:

I'm making that the permanent place for the application from now on since the other one has shown to be unreliable.

Right now, I've mostly moved away from using the Canvas tag and I'm using HTML and SVG as the basis for most of my visualizations. The reason is purely technical: the updating of the canvas was too expensive while using the DOM performs better because I can just update the elements on the screen instead of redrawing everything.

As for open source, it will be up to Santa Clara University to allow me to release a version. I would gladly do so if that is a possibility.

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