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This is useful to fix annoying issues between certain email senders and email clients.
The email can be sent through procmail, and then a more advanced language can be used to parse the email, modify it and save resend it.


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These libraries don't do round trips very well. The structure created by mimeDecode cannot just be modified and turned back into a string again.

for testing command line php scripts the following error handler is useful to see errors:

  // A custom error handler                                                                             
function CliErrorHandler($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline) {
  fwrite(STDERR,"$errstr in $errfile on $errline\n");
// Tell PHP to use the error handler                                                                    


The Rmail library looks better than the php one. It seems like it would be easy to go from mime message to a struct and back again.
There is also a rubyfilter library which uses rmail which might be a replacement for procmail. However it seems like it isn't maintained much anymore. The main website is missing.
This page has some more details:

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