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mpowerplayer is a portal that supports cell phone game developers with development and distribution of games. They have a free MIDP 2.0 emulator:

Here is an example of how a free application can be run on certain
phones. Not very many phones, but that would be a start. It is from

The tinylinemidp files are for MIDP 2.0 phones like Motorola V300,
Motorola V500, Sony Ericsson P400, Samsung SGH - P400, Nokia 6600, MITAC
8390 and others.

How to install
To install TinyLine Over-The-Air to your phone, visit using your phone's browser and select
"tinyline" from the list of MIDlets. Alternatively, you can Download to
your computer tinylinemidp.jad and tinylinemidp.jar and send the JAD and
JAR files to your phone by email, infrared, or Bluetooth. Once on the
phone, open the JAD file.

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