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Subject: Java Update 4 for Mac OS X 10.5 can disable jnlp operation, here's a fix

After installing Java Update 4 for Mac OS X 10.5 (which just came out) jnlps stopped working for me and a number of other folks.

The symptom is that clicking on a jnlp starts some other application than Java Web Start – in my case it was DashCode.

This problem has occurred for 4 out of 8 folks I work with who have updated.

The Fix: Open the Finder. Select "Macintosh HD." Then navigate to the folder System/Library/Core Services. You'll likely see the window blank for a second, then fill up with the standard listing within about 0.5 seconds. At this point, the problem is fixed, and JNLP Web Start issues related to this should be fixed.

The update deletes the old Java Web Start app located here:

 /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Web Start

and creates a new Java Web Start app located here:

 /System/Library/CoreServices/Java Web Start

The update does not appear to rebuild the launch services database properly (in some cases).

If you open /System/Library/CoreServices in the finder any applications in CoreServices which are not registered in the launch services database will be added.

After doing this jnlps worked again from Safari, FireFox, and the Finder.

I sent a bug report to Apple (bug id: 6987107).

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  • Stephen Bannasch
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