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Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby

Covers using Ruby and Ruby testing frameworks to test many types of applications: Java, Native (MacOS, Windows, Linux), Web, Handhelds, Phones.

Code and sample chapters are available at the link above.


Jemmy is a Java UI testing library which is included with NetBeans but can be easily used outside of NetBeans. The book Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby uses jemmy in it's examples for testing a Java GUI application.


FEST is a collection of APIs, released under the Apache 2.0 license, which mission is to simplify software testing. FEST is composed of various modules, all of them can be used with TestNG or JUnit. The Swing module provides support for easy GUI testing.

Aaron Unger: I've started using FEST for the GUI tests implemented in the otrunk-intrasession project and like it. It was easy to get Continuum to run these tests as well.

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