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This will probably break into sub groups as we build this up. But I'm finding the basic features of our portal is just one of many. We should really know and learn from the others. So far the definition of an education portal is anything that delivers custom content to teachers, students, and administrators. This can range from Content Portals like ours, to school adminstration portals.

I suppose I'm most interested in content portals, but we should be familar with the whole concept of "school portal" and what technologies are used.

Content Portals

  • Agile Mind - they came and gave a brown bag here. There focus is to build on well researched data to work on teacher professional development. They have an authoring system for people to make "units". They allow the teacher to take the "unit" and let their students see part of it. They claim to monitor and analize every mouse click. I believe, they provide reports to teachers about how long it takes students to do their homework. When they start their homework.
  • OpenVES - they came and did a demo here. There a content portal
  • Wise
  • MAC portal


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