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I'm going down the list at:
[ ]

here is a nice general comparison page:
notice it is from webgui so it might be biased.

based on this comparison. I would go with opencms. As for pure functionality webgui seems to be the best except it doesn't have version control.


is a java, xml based cms. It seems very far advanced. It has a wysiwyg editor but only works on IE on Windows. It does versioning, forms for structured content, basic file system syncing.

I think it could be modified to work with subversion, so external resources could be stored in subversion. This way it could work offline a little. Perhaps the whole thing could be accessed via a synching webdav client (like subversion) because it seems the main view of it is a directory tree.

there is a really large group of "solution providers" that are based around this. only 4 are in the us and none are in boston

Browser based xml editors

I have found to browser based xml editors. They are pretty cool. One is a comercial one for ie the other is an open source one for mozilla.

Apache Lenya

This is a java, xml base cms it is based on cocoon. It was donated to apache. It has many good pieces. Including integration with several browser based xml editors.


This appears to be targeted towards newspapers.


This is a php based cms. It is hard see how it would fit our needs. It seems to be more wiki, blog based. My sense is their goal is to make community built open web sites. So it doesn't fit with our model of tight controled private releases. This is just my first impression how ever.

  • it has a featured consultant based in the boston area. Perhaps we can have him come out and I can discuss our needs with him.

I don't like this web site very much. I don't see any mention of consultant services. It isn't easy to figure out what technology they use.

It isn't clear what this is based on. It sounds like a mix of php and perl. It has a new web dav interface, so it is going in the direction I want it to go. It has version control. It has a desktop wysiwyg editor that they developed for one of their clients. I dont' know we could use this. It sound like this is based on php.

This sounds good but has a new type of license. Either you contribute code or you pay. It has version control, webdav support, workflow. This seems like a possibility. It has 3 or 4 recomended us consultant firms

This doesn't look too helpful. It doesn't seem to have any external consultants.

very simple interface. It is supposed to be very easy to use by a non technical person. It is php based, but it doesn't sound like it would be flexible enough for our needs.

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