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This is a place to store and describe the different native launchers we create for projects at Concord.

The installers are created with the Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System.

All of the following launchers are based off of a similar script. This script checks for java in a few places and uses the first one it finds. If it finds no java then it gives the user the option to go to the java download page. This script also prevents them from running the application several times in a row. It does this with a 5 second delay. Finally it has the ability to show a splash screen.
The scripts look for java in the following order:

  • Sun JRE registry entry
  • Sun JDK registry entry
  • JAVA_HOME variable
  • \jre folder (this is intended to be a jre installed on the cd)

Generic CD Launcher

Files for building:

  • CDJavaLauncher.nsi - this is the script that nsis compiles to make the exe

Result File:

  • CDJavaLauncher.exe

This installer just runs java with the arguments you give it. So in most cases
you'll want to use it like this:
CDJavaLauncher -jar my_jar_file.jar

MAC CD Launcher

Files for building:

  • CDPedagogicaLauncher.nsi - this is the script that nsis compiles to make the exe
  • sunflower-grad.ico - this is the icon of the exe. nsis puts it inside the exe itself

Result File:

  • Pedagogica.exe

Files for running:

  • Pedagogica.exe
  • workspace.jar - this file needs to be in the same folder as Pedagogica.exe
  • cd-load-screen.bmp - the splash screen it needs to be in the /autorun/ folder

CDPedagogicaLauncher.nsi (application/octet-stream)
CDJavaLauncher.nsi (application/octet-stream)
sunflower-grad.ico (image/x-icon)
cd-load-screen.bmp (image/bmp)
CDJavaLauncher.exe (application/octet-stream)
CDPedagogicaLauncher.nsi (application/octet-stream)
Pedagogica.exe (application/octet-stream)
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