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Burst is a javascript vector animation engine for the HTML5 Canvas using jQuery and processing.js that supports SVGs, Blender3D objects, timelines, easing, command chaining and callbacks.


The Burst Engine is an OpenSource vector animation engine for the HTML5 Canvas element. Burst provides similar web functionality to Flash and contains a layer based animation system like After Effects. Burst uses a very light-weight JavaScript frame, meaning your animations will download unnoticably quick and can be controlled using very simple JavaScript commands, allowing for chaining and callbacks. ... Burst is currently an extension of the excellent animation port Processing.js by John Resig. Development of an independant Burst Engine is under-way. This will reduce load-time and memory usage when you want to use Burst without using jQuery or Processing.js.

NOTE: Future versions of Burst will also run as a Native Processing applications, allowing you to run a Burst animation in a Java applet or as a binary executable.

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