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Canvas is a new cross-platform HTML element developed by the WHATWG which can be used to draw graphics and create GUI components and visualizations via scripting.

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Canvas Applications

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Canvas Libraries

Elsewhere, Noah's bookmarks about canvas:

xc.js - Canvas Game Framework
canviz - Google Code
Canviz is a JavaScript library for drawing Graphviz graphs to a web browser canvas. More technically, Canviz is a JavaScript xdot renderer. It works in most modern browsers.
Canvas Text Functions
Wonderful library, very cute code.
WireIt - a Javascript Wiring Library
Excellent wiring UI (very cool)
jQuery SVG Demo
This library looks great. Features: Good licenses, good SVG support, svg import svg export. Good documentation. One concern: IE compatability? Unsure.
Dojo Campus - Feature Explorer
the gfx demo is pretty devoid of useful examples. But the idea appeals.
flot - Google Code
John Resig - Processing.js
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