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Things we need to figure out before the CD.

  • Their activities need valid activity ids, put them in the database.
  • Do there activities need to be added to the portal course.
  • Can they just use the public workspace without using the special login object. or does mean the loggin info won't be passed to the activity when it starts.
  • need to find out what they want the students: if they want to have the same view with lots nested folders this isn't going work well with the domain view that can handle classes and topics. It might be possible make the list of topics include the welcome page. And it might also be possible have a link to the upper activities. A simple fix is to just have a link from within the domain view to the top level public view folder.
  • one issue with just haveing them login and then look at the public view is that it is really easy to hack. Because they can just turn off the login.
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