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CCDMM CC Smart Digital Multimeter

The Smart Digital Multimeter, CCDMM, developed at Concord Consortium is based on the Metex ME-21 multimeter. The Metex ME-21 comes with an optically isolated RS-232 serial interface and a cable to connect it to a PC. We developed a special cable and software to allow it to work with older Macintosh computer computers with RS-422 serial ports.

The Metex M E-21 is no longer available however the software may work with other Metex models like the Metex M-3860D with litlle or no changes.

More about the: CC Smart Digital Multimeter.

This software was developed in RealBasic for the Science Learning in Context Project.

The software does not work on MacOS X computers. We are releasing the source code for the application under the GNU GPL in hopes that others may find interest in improving it or updating it to work with both newer operating systems and more recent versions of the RealBasic IDE.

A number of people have written to us about modifying the source code to work on MacOS X but I have not heard back ...

You can find a zip archive at the end of this mesg which expands to a folder with the RealBasic project code along with information and licensing.

More technical details about the Real Basic program and connecting to Metex multimeters.

If you make improvements to the code please let me know.

September 28, 2004, Stephen Bannasch (application/zip)
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